High Performance Altair® Louvre Windows

Altair® Louvre Windows seal tightly to give the best performance possible from a louvre window.

60 years experience manufacturing louvre windows
Judging the performance of a louvre window can be done in two ways, firstly by its performance in the field and secondly by its performance in a laboratory testing environment.

In field performance
The Altair Louvre design now has some ten years field experience in Australia and across the world and is widely recognised as a proven performer in Australia and internationally.

Breezway Louvres & Monsoons

On 2nd February 2011 many of our customers were hit by Australia’s largest Monsoon, Category 5 “Cyclone Yasi” with wind speeds up to 290kmh (180mph). You can learn more about Cyclone Yasi and read how our customer’s Altair Louvres performed.

Laboratory testing
Over 150 tests have been completed on Breezway louvre products and many more trials during Research and Development. These are conducted in NATA accredited laboratories and include a full range of sizes. Tests have been successfully completed up to ultimate wind pressure at 8000Pa (equivalent to a 415km/h wind) and water pass tests at 450Pa.

Pressures for Housing

Water Penetration Resistance Testsmall-pdf4

For more information visit the Compliance page.

Product Design

Altair® Louvres are a high quality window system that is built to last.

The Altair® Louvre gallery

The Altair Louvre encompasses many innovative and patented inventions that provide improved product strength, performance and flexibility to our customers. Please note there are other louvre windows on the market, so it is important to check that you are getting a genuine Altair Louvre.

Louvre Blade Clips


Altair Louvre smooth continuous clips when closed



Altair Louvres patented concealed drainage channels direct any water flow outside

The clips are designed to ensure the louvre blade is fully engaged and when closed a smooth continuous surface is created for improved aesthetics, cleaning and draining of water.

Altair clips are manufactured from UV stabilised polypropylene. The clip colour is solid throughout. The Altair Louvre clips incorporate patented concealed primary and secondary drainage channels that direct the flow of any water to the outside of the building. This is a fundamental contributor to the high water performance of the Altair Louvre.


Altair Louvre high strength acetal bearings and aluminium operation bars


Altair Louvre patented living hinge seals tightly between clip and channel


The Altair Louvre bearing fits deeply in to the clip to grip the louvre blade tightly

The bearings in the Altair Louvre are manufactured from high quality acetal. Acetal is a high strength plastic that ensures a long product life through its high strength, low friction properties and high resistance to fatigue.

Breezway’s patented bearing is injected moulded and incorporates a “living hinge” system that when engaged with the clip and louvre channel provides a system that pulls the clip in tight against the channel for improved sealing when closed and disengages in the open position for easy operation.

The bearing of the Altair Louvre is also designed to fit deeply inside the Altair Louvre clip to grip the louvre blade and provide a positive engagement, increased strength and greater resistance to forced entry.

Rack and Pinion

Altair Louvres strong T shaped operating bars that engage with the bearings


The Altair Louvre high strength, flexible handle will spring back to its original shape

The bearing and clips pivot via T shaped operating bars that engage with the bearings through a rack and pinion mechanism. This provides distribution of load and enables a strong locking force and ability to exceed 40,000 open/close cycles. That’s three times a day for over thirty five years.

The Altair louvre is made from aluminium, stainless steel and industrial grade plastics. The Altair Louvre handles are made of high strength UV stabilised acetal and stainless steel. The acetal in particular provides a high strength, flexible handle, which unlike aluminium handle it will spring back to its original shape and position, even when bent severely.

For more technical information about corrosion resistance materials please view the Breezway Technical Bulletin below.

View/download Corrosion Resistance Materialssmall-pdf4

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