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Modern Alternative to Traditional Openable Windows.

Aneeta Sashless Windows provide the innovation and aesthetic solution for domestic and commercial building environments. Identified by their slim profiles in aluminium frames and their concealed locking systems, their profiles remain unobtrusive and minimalistic therefore complimenting your design with a first-class solution.

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Aneeta Sashless Windows are designed to accommodate the uniqueness of every building environment providing a versatility for all new or existing projects. The flexibility of the system also provides an excellent solution for retrofit projects.

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Vertical Sliders
2 Pane

The 2 Pane Vertical Slider remains Aneeta’s most popular product for residential and commercial projects.

When researching an alternative to traditional double hung windows, the Aneeta 2 Pane sashless system with its slimline design provides an excellent option that enhances the overall aesthetic of the window.

Our 2 Pane system provides the maximum viewing area possible and includes our unique centre fin design feature that eliminates “rattle” and provides a superior weather rating of the window. Able to be locked in the open and closed position the double hung counterbalanced system is easy to operate and provides for increased ventilation.

Glass Options
6mm or 10mm Single Glazed

Vertical Sliders
3 Pane

The Aneeta 3 Pane Vertical Slider has one fixed pane at either the top, middle or bottom location that can be tailored to suit a multitude of applications.

The 3 Pane Vertical system is ideal for installations where a fixed bottom pane is required. Typical examples include garden beds, pools and spas to eliminate water ingress and unwanted pedestrian traffic.

The fixed bottom pane system satisfies window egress requirements on multi-storey projects whilst maintaining the stylish floor to ceiling sashless look.

In addition to the counterbalanced system, the 3 Pane Sashless Window is also available in a single hung server style where the top and bottom panes are fixed allowing the centre pane to move providing air flow through the centre section.

Glass Options
6mm or 10mm Single Glazed

Vertical Sliders
4 Pane

The unique Aneeta 4 Pane Vertical Slider is considered the pinnacle of the Aneeta range.

This system provides 4 panes with the option to alternate the fixed panes providing architects, building designers and specifiers with the flexibility to mix and match.

Our most popular arrangement allows the two centre panes to form the opening of the window while the top and bottom panes remain fixed.

The Aneeta 4 Pane variation has been welcomed and implemented by architects and specifiers in a range of applications including wintergardens, restaurants, cafes and hotels and is extremely popular in building façade projects.

Glass Options
6mm or 10mm Single Glazed

Weather Performance

Our windows are tested to AS2047 which generally specifies the requirements for design wind load, water penetration and air-infiltration.

Our range of standard SDH’s are rated for a minimum of 150 to 300pa water (depending on model) and the wind load is dependent on the glass width (as a rough guide the maximum glass widths are at a rating of about 700pa wind and as the width decreases the rating increases up to a max of 3000pa). We have tested certain models up to 1000pa water and 3000pa wind load (these are very high results, even for commercial window products).

Specifying Aneeta Sashless Windows

Proprietary item manufactured by Aneeta Windows, protected by Australian Patents and Copyright Infringement.
Aneeta Sashless Windows have many features unique to their design which may include;
  1. Patented centre aluminium fin, unique to Aneeta that eliminates the panes from rattling, improves both weather and noise sealing, and provides additional structure support for our multi pane systems ( 3 and 4 pane systems)
  2. Confirm to AS2047 – Windows in Buildings requirements including design wind load, operating force, water penetration and air infiltration
  3. Tested in accordance with AS4420. When considering any sashless window for your project be sure it meets this window testing requirement. Test results available on request
  4. Confirms to AS1288 Glass in Buildings – Selection and installation
  5. Concealed fixings
  6. Snap on covers to aluminium version, giving good service accessibility
  7. Single keyed lock with multiple locked positions (standard to most versions is fully closed, and partially open at 50 and 100mm open)
  8. All fixings either stainless steel or treated steel for corrosion resistance
  9. Fin seals fitted to all perimetre sections
  10. Sections designed for maximum security – can usually only be removed internally

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Further information

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