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Designing for Education

Natural ventilation for schools

Our children deserve schools that are safe, comfortable and inspiring. The natural ventilation offered by Breezway Louvre Windows helps to deliver this.

Breezway Louvre Windows are strategically positioned throughout the school, at high and lower levels to stimulate air movement throughout the learning areas. View project.



Good sealing and relatively thick glass provides effective noise insulation barrier (up to Rw28).

Strong and Durable

Non-corrosive materials and multiple design features reduce the risk of vandalism. Optional security bars and screens available.


Breezway Powerlouvre System allow integration of ventilation into automated building management systems, or easy operation of windows in out-of-reach locations.

Thermal Insulation

A variety of energy efficient glazing options are available to meet local requirements. E.g. The shading offered by tinted glass or aluminium blades will reduce the solar heat gain through windows.

Low Maintenance

Designed, tested and made to order with a warranty of up to 7 years. No regular maintenance beyond cleaning and periodic operation. If a louvre blade is broken, plywood can be easily cut to size and installed while a replacement blade is sourced.


Proven ability to safely retain blades using the Stronghold System. Toughened glass with arrised edges are more than 4 times stronger than annealed glass. Also safe to clean above ground level.
Learning environment with Breezway louvres to allow fresh air to stimulate young minds

Ventilation improves the health of students and teachers

Ventilation reduces the transmission of infectious illnesses

Ventilation decreases energy consumption

Ventilation improves learning outcomes for students

Creating optimal learning environments with Natural Ventilation

Architects and building designers generally have a good grasp of the advantages of natural ventilation and strive to incorporate it into their plans. Scientific research has demonstrated that students require a link to their surroundings to promote a healthy body and mind. As a result, we specialise in products that not only decrease energy expenditures but also foster young minds and encourage better educational outcomes.

Locally Manufactured

Breezway offers custom-made orders manufactured locally on short lead times after order placement.

Altair Louvre Windows are available as a complete window system or in componentry for easy installation into timber or flat commercial frames and are available from a highly respected network of distributors, window fabricators and window dealers.

Successfully used in hundreds of Schools, Universities and Kindergartens

Breezway Louvre Windows

Education Gallery

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GEMS International School classrooms featuring Breezway Louvre Windows
SMK School
GEMS International School
breezway louvres in school

Benefits of natural ventialtion in education

To learn more about the benefits of natural ventilation, Breezway has produced a number of Technical Bulletins to assist with your building designs.