Frequently Asked Questions

Please explain the basic terminology used with louvre windows

Breezway was voted the winner of the most trusted ‘Windows and Glazing’ brand by Architecture and Design in 2015. There are a few terms that are unique to louvre windows and are helpful to know.


Can I have screens on my louvre windows from Breezway?

Yes, the Breezway Altair Easyscreen Window System allows insect or security screens to be installed to the outside of your Breezway Louvres. Breezway does not have its own insect or security screen range, but they are readily available from local window manufacturers. For more information on the frame types available please visit the Frame Options on the Customising page .

What about security?

Our adjustable louvre windows have received a lot of investment in Research and Development and today are a substantially different product from “traditional” old style metal jalousie louvre windows. If you would like to upgrade your security features, then you may consider security bars or security screens. Our Altair Louvre Stronghold System is also a great way to increase the strength and safety of your louvre window. Read more about our barrier options in the Customising Page.

What price are they?

Breezway’s range of louvre windows has undergone a transformation since the 1960’s. Today our products are very much at home in premium architectural buildings. Our products are individually tailored per window and pricing needs to be done by each design. As an indication a Breezway window may be 2-3 times the price of a sliding window.

How do I buy Breezway louvre windows?

Breezway has a network of resellers that ensure the product is locally available and built to meet the required Standards. These resellers are qualified window manufacturers, so you also have the benefit of being able to buy other windows and doors from them.

I am building in a monsoonal area, will this make a difference?

Yes, your window manufacturer will work with Breezway to make sure your louvres are designed for the specific conditions on your building site. Altair Louvres from Breezway have been fully tested in a NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) accredited laboratory. The products have been deemed suitable for use in monsoonal regions. To see feedback from our customers on Cyclone Yasi please visit the Testimonial page.

What colours are available, can they match my other aluminium or timber windows and doors?

In Asia we offer some 3 standard colours and a variety of off-standard colours, with optional colour matched hardware (note: Powdercoated aluminium and plastic finishes may vary slightly in colour).

For more information visit our Colour Section in the Customising page.

Do I need to do any maintenance?

There is some maintenance required with Breezway aluminium louvres. It is important to have a regular cleaning program for your aluminium windows. You should think of the finish of your windows in a similar way as your car. Both items need regular cleaning to remove environmental contaminants and maintain paint work. This is particularly so in coastal environments. A higher performance finish may also be required in these environments. Powerlouvres will also require some extra care. Please see the Care & Maintenance page.

How do I operate Powerlouvre Windows? Do I need to order a control system?

Breezway Powerlouvre Windows can be operated by bell press switches or a touch sensitive wall switch called the Apptivate Control Unit from Breezway. However this must be requested at the time of ordering your Powerlouvre Windows. Alternatively, the Powerlouvre can be integrated into a Building Management System specified by your Architect or Building Designer.

Single or dual channel models of the Apptivate Control Unit are available which can operate multiple Powerlouvre Windows for maximum ventilation. The Apptivate Control Unit is Bluetooth compatible allowing users to control Powerlouvres by smartphones and tablets via the Powerlouvre App that is available for download from the Apple iTunes App Store or Google Play. This will also allow your Powerlouvres to automatically respond to temperature or timer events to help keep your environment comfortable to live or work in.

For more information on the Powerlouvre Window and Apptivate Control Unit, please visit our Powerlouvre Window page.

How wide can my louvre windows be? Are there standard sizes?

Typically people are asking how wide a louvre bay can be i.e. the length of the blades. An indicative answer is 600mm to 900mm, however Breezway can offer blade widths up to 1200mm if using the Stronghold System (please refer to the Product Performance Warranty for more information). When replacing windows or installing new windows, a rule of thumb is the higher the wind and water performance required, the shorter the blade should be. In monsoonal regions the bay widths may be a maximum of 600mm or in other geographic areas with lower wind loads they may extend up to 900mm. The window frame can then be designed with multiple bays to achieve the desired frame width. With Breezway’s framing systems this can be up to 4 metres wide. Your window manufacturer will advise you based on your specific circumstances.


There are no standard widths. However, there are standard heights and it is beneficial to stay within these standard heights. The actual standard height will vary depending on your chosen louvre size and framing system. If you use a standard height all louvre blades will operate. If you have an off standard height a small piece of fixed louvre blade will be placed at the head of the window to make up the difference between standard heights. It is worth discussing with your window manufacturer and builder to ensure you have standard height louvre windows installed. To see our standard height chart please visit our Customising page.

Can I customise my louvre windows?

With careful thought your new or replacement louvres can be much more than just a window. Consideration of control methods, blade selection and frame type can impact in real benefits such as ease of use, shading, privacy, energy efficiency, comfort, creating views, security, screening etc. Have a look at our Design and Products pages to help you decide. Some time spent now will reward you once the windows are installed.

Visit the Product Selection Guide page to see the variety of customising options.

How long do my louvres take to manufacture?

As each order is custom made and exported to countries all around Asia, we advise you speak with your local Breezway Distributor for specific lead times on your Breezway Louvre Window order.

How are they installed?

Breezway Altair Louvre Windows will be assembled by Breezway or one of our approved window manufacturers and delivered as a complete window ready for installation by a builder using typical industry practices.

To see our range of installation videos please visit the Altair Louvre Installation Instruction page.

What about cleaning louvres?

Like all aluminium windows, louvres will need regular cleaning. The smooth outer surface of the Altair Louvre clips and the quality polished edges of the glass blades do make cleaning easier. Another big plus for cleaning our louvre windows is that you can clean the inside and the outside surfaces from the inside of the building. This can be a huge plus for upper storey windows.

Visit our Care & Maintenance page for more information.

I am building near the beach, will this make a difference?

Like all painted aluminium products Altair Louvres can be vulnerable to harsh coastal environments. The componentry in our louvres is aluminium, stainless steel and industrial grade plastics and will stand up well to these conditions. The powder coat finish however will need special consideration in these environments. If you are in a coastal environment a high performance powder coat or an anodized finish to our standard 25um is required.

Can blinds be installed with my Breezway Louvres?

Yes, blinds can be installed in conjunction with your louvre windows to help darken rooms if required. Please take into consideration when ordering your louvres that the top blade can be fixed to assist with the installation of the blind above the window. 102mm blade heights are also recommended along with low profile handles as the unique shape of the handle provides a functional fit that won’t get in the way of the blinds.