Home up in the hills of Jandabaik


The client bought this stunning property up in the hills of Jandabaik with breath taking views of the tropical primary jungle of Pahang.

Multiple bays of Breezway Louvres use standard handles and mixed coloured glass blades
A mix of clear and coloured glass louvre blades inside restaurant
7th Street Baar & Bistro using Breezway Louvres
Dining area inside 7th Street with multiple bays of Breezway Louvres

The Architect, MJ Kanny brainstormed many ideas with the client and finally agreed upon their concept of the house being a series of horizontal planes that captured views of the forest like a picture frame.

Hence the house itself had a modest simplicity, modern, contemporary and evoking a sense of calmness and serenity the site deserves.

Breezway Louvre Windows have been strategically placed throughout the home to help ventilate living areas while allowing outdoor views to be maintained

Architect:MJ Kanny Architect
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