RD House using Walls of Breezway Louvres


The RD House by Architects 49, located in Phuket (Thailand), has a fascinating layout with a tailored style. The architect installed Breezway Altair Louvre Windows from the ceiling to the floor on both levels throughout the house, providing a clear view of the scenery outside. The main purpose of this window style is to maximise natural ventilation.

Outdoor view of Architect House with Breezway Louvres
Enjoy uninterrupted outdoor views with Breezway Louvres
Connecting walkway between two parts of the home with Breezway Louvres either side
Walls of Breezway Louvres bring natural light into a home

When you have top-to-bottom Breezway Louvre Windows, you don’t just get the most out of the fresh air that flows into your home, but also consistent airflow that cools the indoors day and night, natural sunlight and the feel of a bigger space. This design will suit any kind of home to have full-house ventilation.

The designer surely had put in a lot of effort in designing this project, and we’re glad to be a part of it. Breezway louvres somehow make it look perfect.

Architect: Architects 49 (Phuket) Limited
+66 76 213 949