Breezway Altair Louvre Windows offer the freedom to personalise your favourite spaces with a variety of design options to suit any needs for natural light, fresh air and even panoramic views. Whether it is for a cosy home atmosphere or a conducive workplace environment, the brief selection guide below will help determine the right features to make your Altair Louvre Windows ideal for your desired environment.


Aluminium For low maintenance Can be naturally anodised or powder coated in a wide range of colours and finishes.
Wood For energy efficiency Adds a warm tone to any space yet conducts little heat.
Screens For extra security Insect and security screens can be easily fitted on the built-in housing of the Easyscreen Window System or other compatible systems.

For more information on Breezway Frame Types please visit the Compare Window Frames page.


Single / Multiple Windows / Wall of Windows Louvres open twice as wide as regular windows. Multiple windows on walls maximise outdoor views and ventilation.
Narrow Windows Allows natural light and ventilation in smaller areas within the home.
Windows Above Doors Short yet wide characteristics allow rising hot air to escape quickly.
Floor-to-ceiling Window Single/multi-bay windows maximise ventilation while adding a sense of height and aesthetics.
Windows beside Doors Helps conduct airflow when doors are closed.
Fixed Lite Windows Permits clearer views while still maximising ventilation.

For more design ideas please visit our Ideas Gallery page.


Glass Great for views. Clear low e glass contains insulating properties suitable for cold or mixed climate, while tinted glass reduces solar heat gain which is ideal for hot climates.
Aluminium Maximises privacy without compromising ventilation. Requires minimal maintenance and comes in a variety of colours and finishes. Wood-grain finish also available.


Powerlouvre For remote operation Can be controlled directly via the Apptivate Control Unit or remotely via the Powerlouvre app. Suitable for out-of-reach windows.
Standard Handle For regular use Designed to fit the contours of the human hand for easy use.
Low Profile Handle For a subtle look Slim lined styling suitable for bifold and sliding doors.
Ring Pull Handle For out-of-reach windows Allows easy reach using a map rod.


Natural Anodised Colour available for Altair Louvre Window channel and frames only.
Black Powder Coat Colours of the Altair Louvre Windows can be matched with their respective handles and clips.
White Powder Coat Colours of the Altair Louvre Windows can be matched with their respective handles and clips.
Misty GreyColour avilable for Altair Louvre Window clips and handles only.

A full range of off-standard colours are also available.


Security Bars Extra protection can be added to protect buildings or homes from unfavourable external intrusions such as break-ins.
Screens Insect or security screens can be fitted to the outside of Breezway Easyscreen Frames and some other compatible systems to protect your home from intruders, bugs or insects.

To read and learn more about our louvre customising options available please visit our Customising Options page or visit our Product Selection Guide to start your customised louvre check list today.