Breezway Altair Louvre Windows are used in homes for optimising cooling effects and natural light. The beauty of a Breezway Louvre is that it opens twice as wide as other window types to capture these cooling breezes and blades can be angled to precisely control the amount of ventilation entering the building at any given time. They’re also incredibly stylish and easy to clean from the inside of the building. A huge benefit for multi-storey buildings!

Did you know that Breezway Louvre Windows can also be installed using a variety of blade materials?

Choosing a suitable material for your louvre blade is as important as deciding the blade height, length and thickness. This is due to the different purpose each blade type offers. This article will help you understand the range of louvre blades available from Breezway and how to select the best material that will suit your needs to ensure you make the most out of your Breezway Louvres in every area of your home.

Breezway offers two types of louvre blade materials – Glass and Aluminium.

Glass louvre blades come in various types and colours, offering different benefits for different locations within a building. This allows you to customise your Breezway Louvres so they not only suit your needs and allow plenty of natural light but also complement your space’s interior design. You can style your home to really improve the overall aesthetics, making it look more modern and elegant.

The most commonly used blade type is clear glass to provide maximum daylight with clear outdoor views. They open up the indoor space to help you connect with the outdoor surroundings, when open or closed. Clear glass blades are suitable for big spaces such as the living room and the kitchen. They are also ideal for indoor garden areas, providing direct sunlight for plants to grow. You can enjoy the views whilst doing your daily activities from inside the home without needing artificial lighting.

If you prefer less heat transfer into your home or need to protect your room from direct sunlight, you can opt for tinted glass blades. Breezway offers the below colour options:

These tinted coloured glass blades reduce light transmission from outside and can provide some privacy. The best part of integrating coloured glass blades into your Breezway Louvre design is that they can add beauty and stylish aesthetics. When open, the sunlight passing through and between the tinted blades form beautiful geometric patterns on the walls and floors. Choose coloured glass blades for your Breezway Louvre Windows in personal spaces, kids room, living room, or any other area in your home that requires a certain amount of glare elimination. If your choice of colour is not listed above, you may contact Breezway to check its availability.

Breezway also offers obscure glass blades called Silk Screen (Ceramic/Laminate). This blade type is designed to provide privacy from neighbours or road traffic, and can even be used as room dividers. This blade type has one side that is acid-etched, giving it a smooth and attractive finish. When the blades are kept closed, daylight can still filter into the room however full privacy is maintained. This application is best suited for private areas such as bathrooms. Even with blades not fully opened, you can enjoy fresh ventilation whilst maintaining some privacy from the outside.

Another blade type Breezway offers is Low E Glass blades. This type of blade uses clear glass with a low emissivity coating which reduces solar heat gain and improves the insulating properties of the glass. It’s a great option for enhancing energy efficiency whilst maintaining clear views and are ideal for usage in any part of your home.

By incorporating Breezway Altair Louvre Windows into your home you can live in comfort and reduce the reliance on artificial lighting. With various glass blade options to choose between, you can customise every window to suit your needs – whether it be good old sparkling clear glass or tinted coloured blades, ensure the chosen blade is the best fit for your space. The choice is yours. Choose Breezway Altair Louvre Windows for sustainable living!