Altair® Louvre Window Systems Designed to Suit Your Needs

24 March 2020

Mission Beach

Altair Louvre Windows by Breezway are purpose-built to fit into a variety of window systems and configurations to suit your requirements. Constructed entirely out of non-corrosive industrial materials for strength and durability, their customisable components help meet different design objectives.

Within the context of Malaysia’s hot and humid tropical climate, Altair Louvre Window Systems prove ideal for both residential and commercial applications. On hot days, our louvre windows effectively regulate indoor temperatures and facilitate the flow of fresh air, reducing the requirement for air-conditioning. Similarly, during rainy days, they play a role in preventing water from entering the building due to their tight sealing. Furthermore, our systems feature screening to prevent mosquitoes and other insects from infiltrating the building.

Other than regular cleaning, these Altair Louvre Window Systems require minimal maintenance through the innovative design.

Altair Easyscreen™ Window System

  • Ideal for external screening applications as it includes an integrated insect or security screen housing for easy screen fitting.
  • Extra security can be achieved by installing the optional security bar system.
  • Altair Louvres can be automated via a concealed motor with the optional Powerlouvre Window System.

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Altair Slimline™ Window System

  • Ideal for narrow frame applications and installation into concrete block construction when screening is not required.
  • Suitable for internal walls to help air to flow freely from room to room inside the building.

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Altair ios™ Window System (only available in the Philippines)

  • Developed to suit Ideal for internal or external screening applications.
  • Includes an integrated insect and security screen housing for easy screen fitting.
  • Internal screens can be installed from within the building and positioned so that they do not interfere with the operation of louvre blades.

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