Altair Louvres: Energy Efficiency for Sustainable Living

10 March 2020

Breezway Louvre Windows

Breezway believes buildings should co-exist with nature, rather than fighting against its elements; because we understand the role of man and nature in creating a healthy ecosystem at large. With that in mind, Breezway Altair Louvres are designed to maximise human life quality and minimise environmental impact through high performance functions, including:

Maximum Ventilation

With no fixed panes and blades that are close to being fully horizontal, fresh, cooling air can flow freely into the building. When Breezway Louvre Windows are installed on opposing walls, it also allows hot, stale air to exit the other side while fresh air enters. The natural ventilation helps maintain a comfortable temperature and indoor air quality which reduces our constant need for air conditioning.

Bedroom view with Breezway Louvres from inside Saltwater Hotel

Solar Control

A variety of glazing options means you can control solar heat gain with Breezway Altair Louvre Windows, depending on climatic needs. For the warm, tropical climate in Southeast Asia, toned tinted glass blades come in handy in reducing the amount of sunlight and solar heat gain entering the building, while timber or aluminium blades function to block out the sunlight completely without compromising ventilation.

Residential home uses Breezway louvres with timber blades

Optimised Insulation

Again, Southeast Asia’s hot and humid conditions may seem inescapable. U-values are the measure of the thermal conductivity of the window. That is, if there is a temperature difference between the air on either side of a window, it measures how quickly heat will pass through the window.   Low U-values allow heat to be transferred through the window slowly, and a high U-value indicates that heat is transferred quickly. The greater the difference between the desired indoor temperature and the outdoor temperature, the more important U-values are. Breezway Altair Louvre Windows can achieve rather low U-values when using tinted glass blades or low e glass blades to offer insulating properties similar to those achieved by windows with double glazing.

Ventilate outdoor rooms with breezway louvres

Tight Sealing

Breezway Altair Louvre Windows have an air infiltration rating that is significantly better than the required residential standard. When fully closed, a locking mechanism applies strong pressure to the blades, while the living hinge design resists water and air penetration between the clips and the channels. The tight sealing mechanism helps protect the indoors from unfavourable draughts and rain.

Strategically positioned Breezway Louvre Windows for light and ventilation at the Mirissa

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