Be kind to your wellbeing, your wallet and the environment

2 April 2019

Breezway Louvres wide open allow fresh air to ventilate protected sitting area

Would you believe that selecting the right windows could help improve you and your family’s wellbeing, cut your monthly electric bill and even help you be kinder on the environment?

The air conditioner stands as one of the energy monsters in Malaysian homes. On cool days, opening Breezway Louvres enables a 90 percent airflow, surpassing the 12 to 40 percent ventilation offered by other window types. This maximum breeze intake could reduce reliance on air conditioning. An electric fan might prove sufficient and consume significantly less electricity.

During scorching hot days, if the necessity for air conditioning arises, Breezway Louvres seal tightly to prevent air leakage, maximizing air conditioner efficiency. The use of tinted blades will enhance the cooling properties of your windows, reducing heat gain without compromising outdoor views.

Good passive design principles for windows can help you keep your air conditioning turned off. Here are some ideas:

  • Cross ventilation happens when there are pressure differences between one side of a building and the other. The larger the window opening, the greater the cooling effect.
Multiple bays of Breezway louvres on opposite sides of the building provide cross flow ventilation
  • Tall narrow louvres next to fixed lite windows give you the best of both worlds – framing your view and allowing optimal amount of natural light in while maintaining good air flow into the house.
Breezway Louvre Windows
  •  Wide short louvres above a bed can be left open at night to allow cool air in.
Breezway Louvre Windows
  • Another way to ventilate a room is to place Breezway Powerlouvre Windows up high with remote operation. This allows hot rising air to escape the room quickly while fresh cooling air can flow in through lower level louvres to keep your home comfortably cool at any time of the day at the push of a button.
Breezway Powerlouvres up high ventilate kitchen areas
  • Breezway Louvre Windows can also be installed in internal walls of your house to facilitate internal ventilation. This further cools and refreshes building occupants yet can be closed when required so that privacy can be retained.
Breezway louvres with mixed glass blades in the bedroom for light and privacy

Taking an active role in designing and selecting your Breezway Louvres ensures that you attain the best outcome for energy efficiency and, most importantly, comfort for you and your family.

Visit the Breezway Product Selection Guide for more information.

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