Breezway joins hands with Leyte-Samar Centre for Change

27 September 2017


Breezway joins hands with Leyte-Samar Centre for Change. Typhoon Haiyan, which is also known as Super Typhoon Yolanda by the locals in the Philippines, was one of the most intense tropical cyclones on record.

Devastating various sections of Southeast Asia particularly the Philippines on 8 November 2013. Tearing through the Philippines at a speed of 195mph. Haiyan ripped villages, farms and displaced approximately 4.1 million people and left more than 6,300 dead.

In addition to Haiyan, the Philippines also regularly experiences an average of 20 typhoons a year. Earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, droughts, and landslides. However, its 100 million-strong population had never before witnessed such a violent display of nature as Haiyan—a category five super typhoon. Tacloban City, a provincial capital, bore the brunt of the impact. The aftermath of the storm yielded a series of devastation in the form of damaged roads and airports. Debris blocked access to disaster zones, with thousands dead and more missing.

The journey toward recovery and restoration was destined to be a long and arduous one. Fortunately the people of Tacloban were eager to move forward and start anew. Amid the disaster, they maintained a positive and optimistic outlook. Believing that circumstances would improve with the aid of communities, the government, and other organizations.

Tacolab Rebuild

Breezway has had the privilege of actively participating in this recovery process through collaboration with the Leyte-Samar Centre for Change, Tacloban City, Philippines. The centre also did not escape the wrath of the typhoon. Being an integral part of the community, the centre’s mission involves providing shelter and education for homeless street children. Consequently, they embarked on assisting families in the community while rebuilding homes of the children under their care.

Tacloban Rebuild Team

Thus far, 150 homes have been rebuilt, 29 septic toilet systems installed, and electric lights have been connected for 51 families. The centre has also conducted a variety of skills training programs and has trained 110 people in the community.

Tacloban Ceremony Leyte-Samar

They are currently working on a Community/Evacuation Centre designed to accommodate up to 1000 people in the event of future typhoons. This center will also serve as an outstanding venue for various purposes. Such as an indoor basketball court, skills training facilities, and a community worship hall.

Breezway proudly partners with the Leyte-Samar Centre for Change for the Community/Evacuation Centre reconstruction program. Contributing our award-winning windows to enhance air ventilation in support of their humanitarian cause. Breezway has undertaken this project as part of our corporate social responsibility program. Firmly believing that this small gesture has the potential to create a long-lasting and significant impact on the lives of people in Tacloban City.

Tacloban Appreciation Leyte-Samar

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