New Altair Louvre Easyscreen Window System with Fixed Lites

4 October 2018

Easyscreen Fixed Lites

Breezway is pleased to announce the launch of our new Altair Louvre Easyscreen Window System with Fixed Lites.

The Breezway Easyscreen Window System stands as an excellent choice for aluminum framing for Altair Louvres. In various settings such as residential project homes, resorts, government buildings, social housing, schools, or any other projects where prioritizing fresh air and energy-efficient control of the building environment holds significance.

Designed exclusively for use with Altair Louvres, the Easyscreen Window System now has the capability to incorporate Fixed Lite bays. This incorporation enables the framing of a view while optimizing fresh ventilation. Integrating fixed lite bays into the Easyscreen System enhances aesthetics without introducing any variations in metal heights at the sill or head between the Altair Louvres and fixed lite bays.

Tailoring the Easyscreen System to meet specific wind and water rating requirements for each project is possible. Furthermore, when the Altair Louvres are closed, the patented living hinge design ensures the highest performance. Even in monsoonal conditions, owing to its tight sealing.

Manufactured exclusively using corrosion-resistant materials and fully compliant with Australian and International Standards. The Breezway Easyscreen System necessitates no ongoing maintenance apart from regular cleaning. This quality positions it as an ideal choice for tropical environments in Asia.

Fixed Lite Launch

Altair Easyscreen Window System Options

  • Variety of control options – choice of ergonomically designed standard handles, low profile handles to avoid catching curtains and blinds, or the ring handle for use with telescopic map rods in out of reach applications.
  • Choice of size: 102mm or 152mm blade heights with a maximum fixed lite size of 2.9m2 to suit your design needs.
  • Choice of blade type: Glass to take advantage of views, Wood to provide shading and privacy or Aluminium for a maintenance-free modern look.
  • Variety of colours – wide range of standard colours to suit your project.

For more information on the Easyscreen with Fixed Lite Window Sytem, please visit the Easyscreen Window System page.

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